Weaponizing Weather talk and night-time observations

On the 14th of june Dave Young his talk on the cold war history of weather prediction and control. The talk was held outside on the Department Of Search's forum on the Geneveplein

Talk on the forum

Part of the methodolgy of Dave Youngs approach is to re-evaluate bureaucratic and administrative documents as they become declassified in a research project called rereadme. Rereadme is a "series of essays, each oriented around an extract from an administrative document collected from US defense and intelligence agency archives. The historical and political contexts of reports, memoranda, technical manuals are unpacked and analysed as instruments of institutional power, "illuminating the often recessive yet impactful role they play as mediators".

His talk is published as two separate texts that can be found here and here

High pass

After the lecture the group went back to the keet in order to do some observations. While the sun was still out we did so by radio frequency, as the sun set into the night, the satellites could be spotted with the naked eye.

Spacekeet at night Photo by keet regular Dennis de Bel

Capture of the following day