Presentation: A Guide to Satellite Surveillance

On the 17th of june Anastasia Kubrak will give a talk on her book ‘A Guide to Satellite Surveillance’, addressing the cultural and political implications of imaging satellites. The talk will start at 17:00 and will be held on the forum of the Department Of Search.

a guide to satellite surveillance

A Guide To Satellite Surveillance

Despite the omnipresence of satellite imagery in mass media, the satellites themselves remain mysterious and unknown for non-scientific public. ‘A Guide to Satellite Surveillance’ aims to demystify their presence and gives the obscure objects a tangible representation. A book portrays currently operating high-resolution optical satellites in the context of recent political events, commercial ownership and governmental censorship. By highlighting moments when certain satellites have played a significant role in media, the project aims to address the hidden ideologies behind the production of satellite imagery.

Anastasia Kubrakis a designer and researcher from Moscow. In her work she focuses on politics of emerging technologies, proposing tangible ways to engage in complex narratives. She graduated cum laude from Design Academy Eindhoven with a project ‘A Guide to Satellite Surveillance’, which got selected as The Best of Dutch Design Week’ 16.