Building the 1.2m wire mesh dish (continued)

Continuation of the previous post on the wire mesh antenna

Back mounting After perforating the radials I assembled everything on the mounting plate to see how it would fit.

Radial support The small tubes are filed to size in order to support the curvature of the radials.

Sunken screws

Sunken screws in radials

For a neater finish and better grip I made sure all the screws would sink into the front plate.

Assembed dish

Everything assembled, including the strips to hold down the wire-mesh and the cross-bars. These rods are clamped in between the radials and kept in place using small pins that fit inside the rod. These cross-bars lock into place and add rigidity to the whole construction, in addition to adding more parabolic curve to the wire-mesh.

Tracing the template on a piece of paper

To cut the wire mesh a template was first made by tracing the shape on paper.

Does it fit?

Not a bad idea to confirm the template was wide enough to accommodate the small differences in spacing between each of the petals.

Cutting the wire mes to size After that the wire mesh was cut to size. Twelve petals to be mounted between the radials.

Petal mounting

The wire mesh is fastened with screws between the radial and a piece of flat strip. The pieces of mesh overlap on each side.

Mounting wire mesh Screws per radial: 7

Amounts of petals: 12

84 bolt and nuts in total.

It is through sheer pain and exhaustion that one fully appreciates why most designs use rivets. This design can be fully disassembled though.